Data Services

Enabling clients to use data to deliver business value.

Robotic Process Automation

We help you augment your workforce with robotic process automation to enable you to deliver more value to your organisation. We help you identify the processes that are best suited for automation, build the automation software, and then implement the automation.

Business Intelligence

We help you leverage data to deliver much better business decisions. We help you determine what data you need to collect and how to collect and store it. We help you build visualisations and dashboards that put the data in context. We help you build analytical tools that let you ask questions and get answers.

Big Data & Internet of Things

We help you put data from devices & sensors and the other large data sources to work to deliver real-time insights that provide a competitive advantage. We help you build the systems that collect the data, store and analyse it, and then use it to predict future events and understand behaviour.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We help you leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver better outcomes. We help you determine if your problems are suitable for AI/ML, what algorithms to use, how to collect the data to train the algorithms, and help you develop ways to deploy the algorithms.

Ready to talk Data

Eoghan has worked in corporates & SMEs for over 15 years, holding a number of product development & technical roles in both private & public organisations. He is a Mentor in Residence at the University of Auckland’s Centre of Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Whilst in Europe he was director & principal of a digital agency.