Product Services

Enabling clients to create innovative products & services through design thinking.

Ideation & Innovation

We help you generate ideas. We help you unlock creativity. We help you think differently. We help you think about the way you are doing things, why you are doing them, and how you can do them better. We help you look at what is possible and what is not possible, and and we help you think differently about what is possible.

Value Proposition Design

We help you design a value proposition that is easy to understand, easily communicated, and compelling to your target customer. We help you design a value proposition that is unique, that differentiates your products and services from the competition, and that will get your customers to buy.

Product & Service Development

We help you realise your business and develop products and services that delight your customers and make you money. We help you build products and services that solve real problems and make a real difference in your customers’ lives. We help you build products and services that are easy to use, that create a lot of value for your customers, and that are innovative and disruptive.

Prototyping & Experimentation

We help you to turn ideas into reality. We help you create prototypes that will give you, your team, and your customers a chance to interact with your concepts. We help you see if your ideas will work, if they are robust and if they are scalable. We help you validate your assumptions and find out what works and what doesn't.

Clients that trust our Product Services

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James has worked in innovation & creative industries for over 13 years. An avid user of human-centered design, exponential organisations and lean methods, he has been Head of Product in a large NZ technology company, been an executive team member on a high-growth start-up, and director & principal of a creative agency.

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