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Research & Insights

We help you understand your customers. We help you understand what your customers want, and how they want it. We help you uncover their needs, so you can provide them with a solution to a problem in a way that is a better fit for them. We help you understand what motivates them, their purchasing process, and the barriers they face to purchasing from you.

Behavioural Science

We help you understand what your customers are thinking. We help you find out what they are doing, what they are buying, how they are buying, what they are saying, what they are writing, what they are thinking, and what they are doing, and what they will do next.

Opportunity Identification

We help you discover what is possible, and we help you think more broadly and creatively. We help you identify and then chase the opportunities that will help you achieve success. We help you identify the best opportunities for your business to drive your revenue, so you can focus on the best opportunities and eliminate the ones that don't fit.

Market Analysis

We help you understand your competitive environment. We help you identify your competitors, and then we help you see your industry with fresh eyes, to see where the competition is vulnerable, and where you are positioned to succeed. We help you understand how your competitors are performing, how they are performing across channels and in different markets.

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Manju has a decade experience across the US and NZ driving organisations to deliver big visions through strategic and operational transformations, having worked as a management consultant in NYC for EY and several domestic start-up incubators.