Strategy Services

Enabling clients to change mindsets to embrace disruptive opportunities.

Innovation Strategy

To remain competitive, organisations need to continually innovate. We help clients develop strategies and the capabilities to enable them to continually innovate and to make innovation a core part of their culture. We help them understand their innovation drivers, map their innovation ecosystem, and build the right structure to help them exploit the marketplace opportunities.

Digital Transformation

We help clients transform their businesses to be digital by leveraging technology to drive business outcomes and we help companies accelerate digital transformation by bringing together the right combination of people, process, and technology.

Organisation Design

We help clients design their organisation to enable innovation, agility, and transformation. We have developed a range of techniques to design the right structure, roles, and processes. We also help them build the capability to execute on their strategy.

Agile Transformation

We help clients make their company more agile, by building in the right process, structure, and tooling to help them deliver what they need to their customers.  We help them move from silos to cross-functional teams that are empowered to make decisions.

Ready to talk Strategy

Manju has a decade experience across the US and NZ driving organisations to deliver big visions through strategic and operational transformations, having worked as a management consultant in NYC for EY and several domestic start-up incubators.