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What the client says

TenX’s innovative approach and future conceptualising have been refreshing for a traditional retailer like us. We have a huge amount of trust and respect in the way TenX conduct their business, as such, we have numerous exciting initiatives in the pipeline to collaborate on - Group Manager, Services

The Background

As part of a major business transformation and a rise in customer expectations, Mitre 10, a major New Zealand co-operative of home improvement stores, took the opportunity to put customers' needs at the forefront and explore how leveraging their existing relationship with Service Providers could unlock enhanced customer experiences.

The Challenge

Mitre 10 member stores were being inundated with customer requests to make recommendations for local Service Providers. This was a manual ad-hoc process that was managed on a store by store basis, with varying experiences store by store. Working together with Mitre 10 Services we seized the opportunity to create a software solution that would both help unlock member store efficiency and create a ubiquitous national experience for customers.

The Approach

Initially, Mitre 10 looked externally for existing software that could be customised for their needs but were quickly put off by significant total cost of ownership figures.

First principles are the fundamental concepts or assumptions on which a theory, system, or method is based

We returned to first principles and quickly identified that there was a minimal feature set required which would provide maximum value. Armed with this information, Mitre 10 then looked at building the solution in-house, however, with the wider transformation project well underway, resource contention was a problem. At this point, we decided to take an embedded team approach to develop the custom-purpose software.

Alongside Mitre 10 customers, service providers, and member stores, we took an insights led approach and co-created a working prototype. After a series of experiments to validate key hypotheses, we were able to further iterate the solution.

Once validated we were able to architect a custom-purpose, scalable software platform, built upon AWS Cloud Technologies. The core functionality was developed across 3 Sprint cycles and was then further iterated upon after a careful operationalisation plan was executed.

Services Provided

The Results

Customers can now get directly connected to Mitre 10 preferred Service Providers, which is a great customer experience outcome; and it enables the purchase of the high-value product in-store, which is a great business outcome. We're thrilled with the results.

The benefits for Mitre 10 were enormous.

After the solution was operationalised it quickly earned positive reviews from customers, service providers, member stores, and Mitre 10 Support Centre.

Customers were able to confidently execute their projects safe in the knowledge that they had access to an expert Service Provider whenever they needed them. Mitre 10 Services were able to offer a consistent national experience for the Product Categories that they offer, in record time.

By taking an emergent, human-centered design approach with TenX, they were able to remove functional and operational risk whilst radically reducing the total cost to develop the solution.

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